Wills & Estates

Making a Will and Estate Administration

A Will lets you say how you want your property dealt with when you die. Once you die, everything you own, and everything you owe, is called your estate. This guide tells you about making a will and how your estate is administered.

This area of law is covered by the Wills Act 2007. This Act gives a will-maker significant powers, described in this guide. However, most of those powers are not applicable to wills made before 1 November 2007, so if you want to take advantage of them, you will need to remake your will, even if you don’t want to change its general effect.

Some provisions of the Wills Act do apply to wills made before 1 November 2007 and they may invalidate some existing wills. This is a good reason for reviewing and perhaps renewing your will.

What needs to be included in a Will?

  • Appoint one or more Executors
  • Provide for payment of debts and expenses
  • Make provision for the people who are dependent on you
  • Give instructions for distribution of your property
  • Name testamentary guardians for your infant children
  • Set out arrangements for funeral, burial, cremation, organ donation
  • Consider a bequest to a charity

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