Buying or Selling a Property

For most New Zealanders buying your home will be the biggest investment you will make. It is important that before you even start the process talk to us first so we can make the experience enjoyable.

Remember, your lawyer is the one person who has only your best interests at heart whether you are buying or selling.

We provide full legal services for the following:

    • Rural property
    • Sub-divisions
    • Transferable Lots
    • Building Contracts
    • Refinancing
    • Retirement Villages

For more information please contact Craig, John, Aimee or Karry.

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Talk to a lawyer first

Always talk to us before you sign anything as you usually can’t change an agreement after you have signed it. Our team has many years of experience in the property field, whether it be your first home or a large commercial property and we can guide you through how to deal with agents and banks and also how or who should own the property. There are a lot of potential pitfalls when buying or selling and we want your experience to be positive and rewarding.

Please contact Craig, John or Karry if you would like to talk about your specific needs or click on the link below for more information.

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Buying a property - Ownership and other issues

Get these things right the first time. Changing them later will mean extra cost. Should you own the property in your own name, a trust or a company? There are taxation and other issues here. There are also taxation and other implications if you are buying property as an investment.

You might buy the property as a single person, as a couple (married, civil union or de facto (including same sex)), with a friend or in a business partnership. Ask your lawyer:

  • Should you buy the property in joint names?
  • Should you buy the property in equal shares or unequal shares?
  • What does buying the property as tenants in common mean?
  • Do you need a property ownership/sharing agreement?
  • Does a will make any difference to the form of ownership?
  • How do wills and trusts work together?
  • How does the Property (Relationships) Act affect you or anyone you buy a property with?

For more information view the brochure below or give Craig, John or Karry a call.

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